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Our mission is to honor the legacy of the Navy’s backbone by crafting a signature product that pays homage to the rich traditions and values of the Chief Petty Officer. We provide unparalleled customer service and a smooth, satisfying experience for our customers while prioritizing responsible consumption and safety.

April One Bourbon

Our Bourbon

April One

main features

This expertly blended bourbon presents a delightful sweetness from the corn, perfectly balanced by a spicy finish from the rye.

You’ll discover rich caramel and bold dark chocolate notes as you savor each sip, creating an enticing aroma.

Make Something Genuine

President and Founder

Troy Pepito

Navy Chief Petty Officer Troy Pepito retired in the winter of 2018 after serving 20 years on active duty. Before he was scheduled to leave the military, Troy developed an exit strategy from the armed services.

Owner- Troy Pepito

Everyone Is Enjoying April One

OUR reviews

"SMooth and sharp"

Mike P.

“If you’re looking for a bourbon that embodies the qualities of a United States Navy Chief Petty Officer, April One Straight Kentucky Bourbon is an excellent choice. At 101 proof, it’s both smooth and sharp, offering a relaxed yet confident drinking experience.”

"a delicious Kentucky Straight Bourbon"

Bill. E

“With a mash bill of 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% barley, April One Straight Kentucky Bourbon is a delicious Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Its unique aging process at 5,000 feet above sea level adds an extra layer of depth to its taste.”

"A perfect blend of sweetness and spice"

James T.

“April One Straight Kentucky Bourbon pays a fitting tribute to the US Navy Chief Petty Officer. A perfect blend of sweetness and spice, it offers a smooth, confident drink at 50.5% ABV.”

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